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Catseye Morris is DarkG2015p.

Our style of dancing is similar to Border, but a little different as our team have their own unique way of dancing. To our knowledge there are no survivng Morris traditions within Cornwall, however, one of the oldest records of Morris dancing was near St Columb in the year 1467. We do not know how what method they used, whether it be bells, sticks, hankies etc.

We created our own kind of kit and also most of our dances. They are fast, energetic and unique.

Catseye Morris are available for events, festivals, carnivals, seasonal celebrations, fairs and fetes, weddings, funerals, we would consider anything!  If you would like to enquire about this go to the contact page.

During the summer we enjoy dancing at our local pubs which is followed by a session of music and singing along with a well earned beer! We invite other talented musicians and singers to join in with us.

During the winter we practice at Dobwalls Village Hall at 8-10pm on Tuesdays

Lostfest2015 079

We need new recruits, musicians and dancers.

Experience would be an advantage as a dancer, but if you are a beginner come and try it out as it is such good fun and you will be with a lovely group of people.


If you are interested in giving us a try go to the contact page and fill in the form.

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2 comments on “About Us

  1. At Lostfest 2016, saw you for the very first time. Very very impressed, though my likkle doggie barked in panic when he heard the sticks, thought you were killing each other! Will look out for you again, and will certainly be posting little video I took, on our local FB sites around Par and St Blazey.


    • Thank you for that. Dogs often get excited when the dancing is going on. We are pleased that you enjoyed our performance it was a hot day today. Watch our events page to see when we are appearing locally to you.🙂


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